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bangers and mashAbout Us

We just love food and great restaurants. It really is that simple. We are also partial to a good pub restaurant when the occasion suits. Started in 2008 by myself (Michelle) and my good friend Sebastian, the idea behind the Good Pub Restaurants was to highlight the best restaurants in Camden and the best Pubs.

Due to work commitments and the like we maybe neglected the poor site for a while and due to a server glitch managed to lose most of the reviews we had. Fear not, we have now established a new relationship with a much friendlier host and will be endeavouring to bring you all the best restaurants and food reviews in the wonderful Camden Town.

Write for us

We would love to hear from you if you have a review of a restaurant or a pub you’d like to share. More the better if you have pictures of the food you ate there! As we said before we have lost most of the reviews that were on the site and so at the moment everything is a work in progress, but, we plan on covering al the restaurants in the area and getting the site back to where it once was.

The driving force behind the website was to get some real reviews out there and some real food sampling. We don’t trust the larger sites and feel a dedicated Camden food guide was a much needed resource for those wishing to eat in the area.

Having lived in Camden all my life I love nothing better than a great meal on my doorstep. It truly is what life is about, great food and great wine within the comfortable settings of home. With so many restaurants now opening in Camden and so many established restaurants already here it truly is a magnificent place. And of course keeping abreast of the changes in the busily changing Inverness St restaurant facade is a full-time job.