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Cottons Rhum bar and restaurant Camden

Cottons Rhum bar and restaurant Camden

cottons1We hit cottons on a busy Saturday night, on entering the establishment we were hit by a wave of reggae/bashment/Calypso music. The party was definitely in full swing and everyone was enjoying the cocktail menu.

This is an in-your-face venue, as due to the size, customers are literally on top of each other. I’m a fan of cosy and intimate restaurants so this didn’t bother me. But for those that want their own space and to not be overheard at the next table, this is perhaps not the restaurant for you. However, even with this in mind and if you are of this persuasion the food will quickly persuade you otherwise.


Cottons Rum bar, has been in Camden Town for the last 30 years, established in 1985 it features over 300 different types of rum and a cocktail menu to die for. To come to cottons and not try one of the cocktails will truly be a sin.

I opted for a Mai Tai and my partner opted for the mojito, both were gorgeous, aged rum, lovely favours and got us into the party mood.

On being seated downstairs near the kitchen you are struck by the stripped down nature of the restaurants and the simple decor. Although quaint is perfectly acceptable. There are no frills or airs and graces yet it feels nice and authentic.


Cottons is a Caribbean restaurant, so expect jerk and barbecue galore. I opted for the tempura Tilapia and king Prawns with a Tamarind-Guava sauce. Although the presentation wasn’t fantastic, the batter light, the fish full of flavour and the prawns cooked perfectly. The sauce complemented the overall dish perfectly.

My partner opted for a starter of barbecued chicken pieces, and this came smothered in barbecue sauce and a pineapple Mango salsa. Again cooked perfectly, smothered in barbecue sauce and extremely authentic.

So far so good. The cocktails now were really kicking in, and the food mixed with the alcohol was producing a nice buzz. 

cottons2Warning, if you are health-conscious this is perhaps not the place to go, at the time visiting I was on a no-sugar diet and that swiftly went out the window.

Main courses

For the main course I opted for a marinated grilled pork, in jerk barbecue sauce, this was served with root vegetables and rice and peas. The pork was pleasantly blackened, this gave it a depth of smokiness and flavour that you would associate with the cuisine, however, it did come off slightly drier than I would have liked.

My partner opted for the trio of Jerk Fish, which consisted of Parrot Fish, Tilapia and Cod (I think). This came with a green curry sauce and rice. It was reported that the fish was cooked perfectly, the words used were melt in your mouth, with the sauce complimenting the fish.

Onto cocktail number two and I went for a Tom Collins while my partner switched to a Mojito. Both very alcoholic, both very flavoursome.


The dessert menu isn’t the most complex I have ever experienced, but is filled with simple dishes and traditional Caribbean fair. I opted for a trifle laced with a 30-year age rum, which ended up being shared between me and my dining partner. Although it didn’t appear as though it would be a complicated dish it turned out to be several layers of sticky, alcoholic loveliness.

If visiting cottons in Camden Town is on your agenda I would suggest the weekend and booking in advance as he gets very busy. There is usually either a live band or DJ and the party will almost definitely be in full swing. Prepare to leave your sensible self at the door and kick back with Calypso tunes and great food. With of course a few cocktails to help you on the way.

Cottons Rhum Bar
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