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Haché Burgers Camden

Haché Burgers Camden

The first thing you will notice about the namesake dish at Haché Burgers Camden: They’re big! But don’t be fooled into thinking this restaurant is all about quantity and not quality. These burgers are not only large in size, but in taste, as well.

What’s on the menu?

Haché Burgers CamdenBurgers of course

The gourmet burger menu at this French-inspired eatery boasts a wide variety of Scotch beef steak burgers, ranging from the Steak au Naturel — a traditionally dressed, satisfying 6-ounce burger — to the fully-loaded Steak le Fume, topped with Guinness Cheddar cheese, smoked bacon, caramelised onions and coleslaw. In between is a world tour of burgers. The steak Canadien features Cheddar cheese and sweet cured bacon, while the Steak Bavarian includes caramelised onions and (surprise) smoked Bavarian cheese.

The Steak au Fromage Bleu adds Stilton cheese. Perhaps the most decadent burger on this side of the menu is the Steak le Triomphe des Truffles, with truffled Gruyere cheese, pickled onions and a sweet balsamic truffle glaze.

Haché Burgers Camden 2The Steak Mexican includes a patty covered in Cajun spices, topped with jalapeño and guacamole. Those with more adventurous tastes might lean toward the Steak Louisiana, adorned with Cheddar cheese and crunchy peanut butter.

For those seeking something other than beef, Haché has you covered with a Mediterranean Lamb Burger (ground lamb shoulder with a fresh salsa of red onions, oranges, olives and lemon juice, with harissa and yogurt sauce) and a variety of chicken and vegetarian burgers. On the poultry side, the restaurant offers Chicken au Naturel (a traditionally dressed chicken cutlet, similar to its beefy namesake) plus two options that add additional flavours. The Chicken Aphrodite is topped with a Mediterranean salsa made of a mixture of feta cheese, olives, red onion, sun-dried tomatoes and a lemon and tarragon mayonnaise. The Haché Chicken Club is adorned with sweet cured bacon, Cheddar cheese and avocado.

Haché Burgers Camden 3On the vegetarian side, Falafel Burgers include the Lebanese, with harissa mayonnaise and tzatziki, and the Goat’s Cheese Burger with grilled aubergine, portobello mushroom, chive oil, avocado, red pesto sauce and garlic mayonnaise. All burger prices range from £7.95 to £12.95.

Don’t stop there

Want to customise? Most toppings can be added for £1.50 to £2. Burgers are served on the diner’s choice of a fresh brioche or ciabatta bun (both of which can be substituted with a green salad for those watching carbs.), with sliced sweet onion, beef tomato and roquette. Sides, available for an additional charge, include regular, truffle cheese or sweet potato frites; fried onion straws; a mixed-leaf salad; smokey coleslaw; ratatouille and gherkins.

Anything other than burgers?

Not in the mood for a burger at all? Try a salad. Varieties include chicken Caesar (romaine tossed in a Caesar dressing with grilled chicken strips, bacon, croutons and Parmesan cheese), cous-cous (with roasted butternut squash, sun-dried tomato pesto and baby courgettes, topped with toasted pumpkin seeds, chimichurri sauce and Mozzarella) and chicken avocat (mixed leaves with avocado, grilled chicken strips, cucumbers, French beans, cherry tomatoes, roasted red peppers, pine nuts and Haché dressing).

Entrées and dessert

For those coming extra hungry, Haché offers a variety of entrées, including nachos (with jalapenos and Cheddar cheese, served with salsa, guacamole and sour cream on the side), sweet corn fritters with smoky sweet chilli dip, spicy chicken wings (with blue cheese dressing and red onion); and baked Camembert with toasted Ciabatta.

Don’t forget to save room for dessert! The sweets menu includes a variety of ice cream, sorbet and milkshakes (extra thick, but can be ordered a little thinner by request), as well as chocolate brownies with cream or ice cream, salted caramel cheesecake and home-made Banoffee pie. Those seeking something a little more “adult” can opt for a Naughty Shake, adding whiskey or liqueur to any of Hache’s standard milkshakes for £6.95 more.

The restaurant also offers plenty of before, during and after-dinner drink choices, including a variety of craft and bottled beers; white, rose, red and sparkling wines; teas; espresso coffees; soft drinks; and fruit smoothies. Arrive early or stay late to take in the chic décor and enjoy the warm atmosphere of this family-owned-and-operated restaurant.

Great burger restaurant in the heart of Camden

Despite all the other great offerings, however, the real reason to come to Haché is the burgers. Juicy, made to order and overflowing with toppings, there is nothing else quite like them in the London area. Stop by for a bite (or two) — you’ll be glad you did!