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Made in Brasil

Made in Brasil

Made in Brasil, is funnily enough a Brazilian themed restaurant in Camden Town. It claims to serve ‘authentic Brazilian food’ in a ‘relaxed and friendly atmosphere.’ The lack of Brazilian restaurants in Camden would indicate to me this to be a smart market move.

made-in-brasil extFirst impressions

You can see what they are trying to do here, as the outside patio at the front and rear, give you a sense of alfresco dining. This open plan, fen-shui-esque approach frees up the energy in what is a very small restaurant and dining area.

On entering the restaurant my dining partner and I can’t help but notice that most people are in fact not eating but instead sampling the drinks on offer. Brahma’s are popular as of course are the Caipirinha’s. We opted for one of each as we attempted to get into the swing of things, in what looked like a lively Thursday evening within the restaurant.

Our server, as well as every other member of staff we interact with is Brazilian. This adds to the authenticity of the restaurant and creates a feeling that you could perhaps really be sat at a beach-side restaurant in Rio de Janeiro.

Okay, that could be a push, especially given our view over the road outside, but we can all dream can’t we?

Word of warning – The restaurant itself is very loud and colourful, this radiates a sense of non-stop bustle that for some could be a turn-off.

made-in-brazil foodFood

For starters I opted for the fritters, these were deep-fried balls of salt cod, they had a overall nice texture, however, lacked depth and seasoning. My dining partner opted for the coixinha de galinha al which roughly translates as chicken pastries, although these were more akin to croquettes. They were stodgy, very atkins diet unfriendly and bland.

Our server suggested we try the vatapa paraiba which is a typical Brazilian dish of fish, prawns, nuts and coconut milk. The best way I would describe it would be a stodgy fish pie filling. I am not sure if this is how the dish is meant to be, but it didn’t float my boat.

Moving on swiftly from this horrendous dish we then tried the platter of barbecued meats. This included lamb steak, pork sausage and garlic beef, which was a half success.

The sausage was well seasoned, perfectly made and full of flavour. While the other elements of beef and lamb were also nice, however, what let it down was the accompaniments of undercooked potato and carrots and overcooked vegetables.

Just give us the drinks

We opted for another round of drinks instead of dessert,  as nothing appealed to us. By this time the bar/restaurant had filled up considerably and there was actually other people eating!

The bill for a meal for two with drinks came in at just under £50. Which we thought was reasonable, however, the food was standard fare and nothing exceptional.

If you are in Camden, do not have any reservations and need a cheap meal then by all means stop by Made in Brasil. Set your expectations low and you won’t be disappointed.

Made in Brasil

Phone: +44 20 7482 0777