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Mango Room Camden

Mango Room Camden

Proudly claiming themselves to be the standard for Caribbean cuisines, Mango Room is literally just a stone’s throw away from the Camden Town tube station in London. Being a fan of Caribbean food myself, I just had to give this restaurant a try. So following is my restaurant review of the Mango Room.

mango room artI was there for a weekend lunch on a Saturday, it was quite apparent when I entered the establishment that they were understaffed. It took a good 5-minutes or so to even get me seated despite the restaurant just being half full at the time.

Right off the bat I wasn’t impressed, at this point I knew the service wasn’t going to be very good. However, I will let that slide as I know getting staff for a restaurant isn’t as easy as posting an ad on the window. Ultimately, I was there for the food.

The food

Service quality aside, I finally got to ordering. I ordered the Scallops with Melon Salsa and the Tiger Prawns with Pineapple Salsa as starters both priced at £7.00 and £6.50 respectively. Funny enough I would think a place called Mango Room would have at least ONE dish with a mango salsa incorporated into it, but there was none. I love myself a good Mango Salsa.

The scallops were fresh and cooked to perfection with the addition of the tangy melon salsa it was a gastronomical wonderland in my mouth. The same can’t be said about the Tiger Prawns though, a tad too overcooked for my liking.

mango room duckFor the main dish, I ordered the Roast Honey & Ginger Duck Breast at £14.50, it’s served with Sweet Potato Crisp & Juniper Berries Jus, I know, it intrigued me too. Now to be fair, I am a duck breast enthusiast, a well cooked duck to me rivals a well cooked steak.

This dish however was far down of my list of best duck ever. It just did not work for me, the meat was tough and Juniper Berries Jus doesn’t bode well with the natural flavour of the duck. What was I thinking ordering duck from the Caribbean though, they’re more known for their seafood so keep that in mind if and when you plan to visit them.

I couldn’t stomach a dessert after that meal, so I called for the bill and that was it.

My verdict:

If you’re looking for a decent seafood restaurant in Camden, Mango Room is one to consider. This restaurant review is solely based on my opinions and obviously my poor selection of the food item on the menu (Duck from the Caribbean, hah!). Service quality is poor but that can be easily rectified by hiring a few extra waiting staff.

Mango Room
Phone: +4420 7482 5065