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Healthy eating

Healthy eating

A healthy and proper diet is the diet that meets the needs of the organism for optimal daily intake of energy and a sufficient quantity of food and protective substances that are essential for maintaining physiological functions of body and health.

The main guidelines of healthy and balanced diet:

Meals must be varied because no single food contains all the nutritional and protective substances the body needed, and any foods contain a certain amount of nutrient so it is important to combine good to have a varied and balanced diet.

Proper nutrition must provide the efficient quantity:

– Macronutrients

  • Carbohydrates
  • Proteins
  • Fats or lipids

– Micronutrients

  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Water


Carbohydrates are an important source of energy. According to the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), 55-60% of total daily energy should be derived from carbohydrates.

It suggests that the more you eat whole grains, fortified bread is enriched with whole grains, pasta.

Super source of herbal and dietary fiber are fruits, vegetables and whole grain products


Are essential for proper growth and development of an organism, a tissue regeneration and the role of some specific functions. According to WHO recommendations 10-15% of total daily energy requirements should be derived from protein.

It suggests that the more you eat foods of plant origin (cereals, seeds legumes) and animal origin (meat, milk, dairy products, eggs, fish)

Fats or lipids:

Represent an important source of energy, and ensure the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K). According to WHO recommendations, 30% of the total daily energy requirements should be derived from fat, of which 10% from saturated fat.

It suggests that increased intake of olive oil-is unsaturated fat and saturated fat is milk, lard, cheese, butter.

Vitamins and minerals:

Vitamins and minerals are essential for maintaining physiological functions of the organism and maintaining the structure of cells and tissues.

It is advisable to increase intake of fruits and vegetables to make up for all the vitamins and minerals in our body.


Water makes up about 60% of body weight of an adult man. Maintains a healthy working body, especially the process of eliminating harmful (toxic) substances from the body, regulation of body temperature.

It suggests that daily drink about 8 glasses of water.

Water requirements depend on dietary habits, an increased intake of salt and protein, increases water intake.

Always start your day with breakfast:

Breakfast provides about 25-30% of total daily energy, so breakfast is a very important meal.

Breakfast provides the energy needed to start the day, improves memory, concentration, understanding, vitality and well-being.

Proposal for a nice breakfast

Corn-flakes of solid grains with partially skim milk, yoghurt, biscuits and fruit integrated.

Take care of your health

In our every day life, they take tiny care only to look after our health. Without taking much strain, they can safeguard our health by taking healthy food and drink. The food they eat ought to contain fruits and vegetables, since these are the sources of the vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Some people skip breakfast as a measure of reducing body weight. That is wrong. The breakfast ought to contain some cereal, one or three vegetables (cooked or raw) and one fruit juice. Tea with biscuit can be taken in between breakfast and lunch. The lunch may be grand with healthy food and drink. They can take salads and sandwiches in the work of lunch time, along with regular food. Taking much of oil-content food ought to be avoided. Some fruits like apple, orange, banana and grapes ought to be included in our every day lunch menu. In the evening, light snacks with tea is recommended. Nowadays green tea is taken by lots of as it gives energy and keep us fresh. The dinner ought to be light and the stomach ought to not be full, while going for sleep. After taking dinner, they can walk for some time, before going for sleep.

Some people think that eating a lot gives lots of energy. Actually, eating less but healthy food, only gives us the energy necessary.

Drinking water of at least 8 glasses per day is necessary, for our body. It helps digestion and sends out the undesirable wastes from our body. By reducing the quantity of solid food, they can take a cup of fruit juice every day. They can tabulate the healthy food and drink and prepare a chart, for a week. Some food items and one drink ought to be included in our every day menu. After a week, the same menu may be repeated.