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Shaka Zulu Camden

Shaka Zulu Camden

shaka zuluThe reviews I had read on Shaka Zulu described it as at worst bad and at best not so bad.  My dining partner and I were keen not to pre-judge this restaurant on the bad reviews that we had read and so sought some solace from our server, a young student who assured us that those that reviewed the restaurant simply came on the wrong nights.

First thoughts

First thoughts on the menu was that this restaurant isn’t cheap. Surprisingly also the wine list is somewhat lacking for a South African themed restaurant – considering this region is world renowned for its wines.

We tried the Peri-Peri Prawns with Chips for starters and Biltong, which is a sort of dried meat with a dip on the side. Both looked very presentable, however, the Prawns lacked any real taste and the Beef was extremely tough. Perhaps this is how the dish of Biltong is meant to be served, my partner and I however did not appreciate the chewiness of the Beef or the blandness of the Prawns.

Eating roadrunner

Moving onto the main I chose an ostrich rump at £20 and my partner opted for the Bobitie, a curry dish.

Again I was disappointed, my steak had next to no flavour and the texture was similar to that of an old shoe. In hindsight the chips weren’t too bad, but not the best by any stretch of the imagination. The curry I was informed was well seasoned, but lacking in any real depth of flavour or character.

As we entered the final stretch the only thing that was propping me up for the evening was the nice house red our server had recommended. Which although expensive for a house, was suitably full-bodied.

Desserts were much the same as what had come before and a limp and lifeless crème brûlée which resembled a soggy tart was served up alongside fried doughnuts that to me tasted of nothing but sugar.

Did I mention that this place is expensive!

As mentioned previously this restaurant isn’t cheap. When we went on a Wednesday evening the restaurant was only half full, of those that were there, most did look like they were happy to pay the prices.

The restaurant had a good ambience, the staff seemed happy, and although the food was absolutely terrible I enjoyed my wine and the ambience of the restaurant.Review Android Smartphone


If you’re looking for an experience on the eyes but not the taste buds Shaka Zulu could be for you.

If however like me, you enjoy good food, I would say stay away. The restaurant isn’t cheap – a meal for two with wine came in at just over £100 and we left slightly hungry.

How the restaurant plans on recouping its £5 million outlay I do not know and remains to be seen. However, if it attracts the type of clientèle that were patron-ising the bar area when we visited, it would seem that the food is secondary to the drinks and company.

Shaka Zulu
Phone: +442033769911