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The Blues Kitchen Camden

The Blues Kitchen Camden

The Blues Kitchen in Camden is a blues bar that has a hell of a soul food menu. Nestled on the high street corner behind the Old Queen’s Head pub and the Westbury pub, The Blues Kitchen is becoming the best hang out if you want good music, good food, and excellent service.

There are live performances 7 days a week

Weekends are extremely busy with a mix of people filling up the venue to do more than enjoy good music and indulge in great drinks

First impressions

As you enter the place you are welcomed by a unique but welcoming setting that is different to what you would find in most London pub’s. Sitting at a table you are surrounded by vintage concert posters and uniquely designed light fixtures that showcase what the venue is really meant for – great music and an experience of Southern hospitality.

You can even settle yourself into the sumptuous leather seats in wrap around booths. It is surprising how comfortable they are. A lot of establishments get bogged down with style and décor and forget the comfort aspect. The Blues Kitchen is not a simple stop and go venue and they have made sure that you get to immerse yourself in the venue.

Warning when visiting here you are likely to get caught up in the New Orleans mentality of relaxing, enjoying your drink and savouring every bite of the food that’s on your plate – it’s easy to see how time fly by.

seasick steve Blues Kitchen camdenThe Blues Kitchen is a busy spot on weekends and you would expect the service to be slow and the waiters to be hurried. Well, it can be but surprisingly enough the staff is one of the best you’ll find in any pub-cum-restaurant-cum-live music spot. They take time to explain the menu which can be a little strange and overwhelming to people who don’t understand how American portions or need explaining of what a Jambalaya is. Overall, the staff and the service they provide are excellent.

Blues Kitchen camden chickenFood

The important thing is the menu and if you think that this would be a British restaurant trying to copy American-style cooking then you would be wrong. The menu and the flavours in each dish are authentic and there is nothing contrived about anything on the menu.

It is as authentic as any food you will find in any soul food restaurant in the States. If you are looking for the real-American style Buffalo hot wings that are big, meaty and covered with just the right amount of spicy hot sauce this is the spot.

Blues Kitchen camden ribsYou can also try American classics like New Orleans Gumbo and barbeque ribs – slow cooked and smoked for 16 hours, the meat melts off the bone and they are so good you might just find yourself nibbling on the bone to get the last bit of flavour. They also have an incredible dish of beef brisket glazed with beer and hickory smoked for 20 hours.

With each bite of the food, whether it is chicken wings, brisket, shrimp or the popular pulled pork you will get the sense that this is food cooked with experience and knowledge. Other items on the menu include dishes like the Blues Kitchen Chilli, generous sized burgers made from real beef patty served still dripping with its own juices.

Brunch menu

The restaurant also has a brunch menu with generous helpings to help you get over that weekend hangover or to enjoy with your friends or family. The brunch menu has an American style breakfast with pancakes, toast, fries, bacon and eggs. They also hav an English breakfast with sausage, bacon, and eggs with mushrooms, tomato, and barbecue pit beans on toast.

theblueskitchenThe menu seems like it was created for serious meat lovers but vegans do have a choice, albeit limited that includes a super-food salad and the creole bean burger.

If you still have room for dessert, try the Alabama Mess which a chocolate, salted caramel ice cream, chocolate coated coffee beans, meringue, and blueberries. Be warned, portions are big and one Alabama Mess can actually be eaten by three people. Actually, most of the dishes are big enough for sharing which makes it a great value for money establishment in London.

theblueskitchen1Great venue for live music and authentic American-diner food

Yes the food is American and yes the portions are big. If you love American diner food and you have a craving for some late night music, this is the venue for you.