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York and Albany – Camden

York and Albany – Camden

back dining roomOne of the pricier restaurants in Camden Town, the York and Albany is not only a restaurant but also a boutique hotel boasting 10 rooms and a view over Regents Park. Situated at the top of Parkway, the building was designed by Regency architect John Nash.

My dining partner and I ventured to north London on a bright and breezy Tuesday lunchtime. Filled with trepidation, with what has been slammed as ‘Another Gordon Ramsay failure,’ we accessed the dining room through the bar area and were greeted by our server for the day Sylvia.

The food and wine

A quick glance at the menu tells you that the restaurant serves a twist on modern British cuisine with Italian roots, probably thanks to the executive chef and Gordon Ramsay’s protégé Angela Hartnett.

Starters were priced between £9 and £12.50 with main courses ranging between £16 and £25, sides of vegetables et cetera £3.50 and desserts £6. Where this restaurant obviously makes their money, as with most high-end restaurants, is their wine list. My learned friend informed me that the 4-page wine list was marked up at about two thirds.

Interior of York & Albany

Interior of York & Albany

The wine list

The Kim Crawford Pinot Gris for example priced at £31, you can get at Oddbins for 10. Another wine the Domaine Pernot Puligny Montrachet 2007 priced at £90 and available at your local Tesco for around £21.

Overpriced wine aside we quickly decided on starters, a summer salad for me and a ravioli of quail with truffle and shallots for my partner.

The salad had a range of vegetables including, peas, carrots, tomatoes, beans and courgettes. All tied together with various leaves and a nice fusion dressing, or as it was named on the menu as a ‘pumpernickel emulsion.’ The ravioli was reported to be tasty, not too soggy and just how ravioli should be cooked, apparently.


For the main course I went for a steak, served with chunky chips and a side of peas/courgette compote while my fellow diner took on the sea-bass.

Both were cooked perfectly, as you would expect from such a refined and qualified chef as Angela Hartnett and there were no complaints from either of us on the quality of the ingredients. The sea-bass was served with a garnish of mushrooms and crayfish, with a side dish of peas.


Dessert was served up as a peach soup which featured a whole peach in the centre, while my partners chocolate cake was accompanied by a rich coffee ice cream.

The peach soup surprisingly did not taste too much of peaches, and it was reported that the chocolate cake was overwhelming success with hints of coffee, Macadamia nuts and mint.

Overall we were pleasantly surprised by the service and the quality of food we experienced at the York and Albany. However, the wine list left us a little out of pocket, though we thoroughly enjoyed the house red that was recommended by Sylvia (our server).

york and albany ext.Pricey?

The bill came in at around £160 with wine and tip. Although this isn’t a cause to start speed-dialling your bank manager, you can be forgiven for agreeing with me that this restaurant is at the higher end of the usual restaurant fare you’ll find in Camden.

If you’re looking for a special treat, or birthday dinner where you can flash your cash and really push the boat out you could do a lot worse than to choose the York and Albany in Camden. However, for a first date or mid week dinner where you would normally be sensitive to spending a lot of money, I would perhaps venture down Parkway and into the many other ‘cheaper’ options to be found in Camden Town.

York and Albany
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